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Remove all Steam Friends in One Go

Want to clear out your Steam friends list once and for all? Here’s the hidden button you’re looking for.

Video Guide

Deleting your friends list

  1. First, head to your profile (hit your name in the tab at the top of Steam) and press the ‘Friends’ link on the right side.Press the 'friends' hyperlink on the right side of your Steam profile
  2. Next, press the ‘Manage friends list’ drop down at the top, the press the small ‘All’ button.Press the black 'manage friends list' popup then press the white 'All' button that appears to select all of your Steam friends
  3. If there’s friends that you don’t want to delete, now is the time to click on the check-boxes next to each friend that you want to keep.
  4. Press the blue ‘Remove friends’ button.